Before joining us for any pole dancing or fitness class, you will need to sign and return our disclaimer which you can download by clicking the Download button

Our classes are an hour long and always start with a solid warm-up before we jump on the poles. The classes are open and flexible to accommodate everyone from your first time on the poles to a seasoned professional. Take a look below at when our regular open classes are, and let us know when you’d like to join in.

Thursday & Saturday

1pm – 2pm|6:30pm – 7:30pm

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Beginner classes are a great introduction to pole dancing, both for fitness and for showing off. In these classes, we focus on…

  • Good, solid warm up techniques
  • Safe and secure hand grips
  • Basic spins to look good in the clubs
  • Multiple climbing methods and introduction to your first bruises, formally known as pole kisses
  • Simple strength building and conditioning
  • Gentle cool down and stretches


Intermediate classes build on the foundation taught in the beginner classes and prepare you for even better performances

  • Solid warm ups and extra stretches
  • Trick conditioning for harder moves, you will become proud of your progress and extra kisses
  • More advanced tricks and moves, including inverts
  • Advancing your grips to do beginner moves one handed


Putting together routines and performing on a pole requires more than knowing the moves, and these classes will cover everything you need to finally master the pole

  • Take all the moves we have learnt and transition between them fluidly
  • Learning more advanced moves
  • For the adventurous, doing tricks and moves in pole heels
  • Getting ready for your first competition

1-2-1 Private Sessions

Sometimes you want a more personal class. Whether it’s to make sure you really understand the basics, want some dedicated time to master a move, or are just uncomfortable with the idea of learning pole, these classes can help

  • Private tuition at any level
  • Ideal for the first taste experience, extra practice, or further competition training
  • Ideal for men wanting to learn without a room full of women

Private or Group Photoshoots

  • Rent the entire pole studio with, or without our on-site photographer
  • Our on-site photographer can provide professional images including post edition and studio lighting conditions

Fun Adult

Impress your partner by putting all your basic and intermediate moves together with sexy floor work, and for those brave enough, a strip on the pole!

Heels are optional for advanced/intermediate levels