Dance Filthy

Dance Filthy is now sold out for this year! We can’t wait to see you all on November 28th and see you show off your best and sexiest moves.

Dance Filthy isn’t your ordinary kind of pole dancing competition. It is one of the hottest competitions of the year as dancers show off sexy and sensual pole dancing. This is the chance to show off the wild and dirty side of the pole and celebrate the otherwise frowned upon side of dancing.

Due to Covid-19, we are selling tickets in pairs, which means we have very limited availability. As the venue is a private club, Xtasia and Club Pole are also hosting an after-party. Tickets for just the competition are £50 for 2, but if you want to join in the fun at the afterparty, it’ll be £65 for 2. Get your tickets early to make sure you get to see the filthiest pole dancing this year.

The competition is split into 4 divisions: Amateur, Instructor, Semi-Pro and Professional.

Amateur – Must not be an instructor or assistant or paid performer.
Instructor – Must not be paid to perform pole professionally ( can be a stripper/drag/gogo dancer)
Semi-Professional – Must not have placed 1st or 2nd in a nationally recognised pole or floor competition. Must not have entered Pro in a Pole Theatre.
Professional – Can be a performer, can be an instructor, can have entered a pro comp.  

Applications are £35 per entry, and you can enter as a single or a double.

Places in the competition are going fast, so apply today to show us what you’ve got and compete for the title of Filthiest Dancer of the year!